We are open for worship this Sunday!


9th Sunday after Trinity
1st August 2021

9.30 a.m.   All Age Holy Communion Service
11.15 a.m.  Morning Prayer with organ music

We are now singing songs and hymns together!  However, We are asking that people to continue to wear masks in church, hold discussions outdoors and socially distance out of consideration for others. 

Thursdays:   Holy Communion in church at 10.30 a.m. 

ONLINE LIVE-STREAMING: Our Sunday services will go out live on our YouTube channel from 1st August.  They should also be available to view at a later point.  St Mary’s YouTube


As you are all aware, Phil and Sarah will be leaving us in August as Phil takes up his new role as Assistant Minister in Chesham.  To show our appreciation for the work he has done within our Parish, we’d like to give them a gift as a lasting reminder of their time in Rushden.  If you would like to contribute towards this gift, please either see Bob or Marion Bates or put it in an envelope in the collecting plate (marked ‘Phil’). There will be an opportunity to write a farewell message on a Leaving Card which will be available between services over the next few weeks.  

It seems barely yesterday that Sue and I moved into Rushden Rectory in May 2009, and yet time has definitely moved on!  In November I turn 66 and I have decided to retire.  I will conclude my ministry earlier that month and my last service with you on 8th November.  This appointment has been the longest in my ministry and I will look back on my time here with great fondness, however, there will be plenty of time for goodbyes! For now, I want to do my part in leading our parish forward as, hopefully, we emerge from the pandemic into a less restrained future that will bring both fresh challenges and opportunities to our church. 

GIFTS AND OFFERINGS:  If you have any questions about your giving, please contact our Treasurer, Robert Bates (telephone: 01933 358005 or email:   He would love to talk with you and answer any questions you may have.  There are options for paying remotely (by direct debit, standing order, through the Parish Giving Scheme) as well as envelopes for weekly giving and gift-aid.

(how nice to have some EVENTS coming up!!!)

CRAFTS & COFFEE (OR TEA) – Tuesday 3 August, 10.00 a.m. to 12 in the Upper Hall.  This month we will be making ‘hexi mug-rugs’   We are no longer restricting numbers, but it would nice to know how many are coming, so if you can, please ring Lynne on 01933 353655. 

NEWTON BROMSWOLD VILLAGE FETE – Saturday 21 August, 2.00 p.m.  A new date has now been set for Newton’s  Fete.    There will be music by the Rushden Mission Band, the usual Stalls and Games and  Afternoon Tea.  Hope to see you there!

TOY CLEAN AND CRAFT-CUPBOARD SORT:   Monday 30 August from 10.00 a.m. – 12.   ALL are WELCOME to come join us as we clean the toys and tidy the Craft Cupboard ready for the Autumn!   Refreshments will be available. 

ST MARY’S CHURCH FETE AND CHURCH HERITAGE DAY:  Saturday 11 September.  Come along to the Church grounds of St Mary’s for an afternoon of games, stalls and refreshments.  The Church will be open for Heritage Day from 10 a.m. and the Fete will kick off at 2.00 p.m.   


The Church Office is open this week Tuesday & Wednesday from 10-12 noon. 

Bumps & Babes:   Bumps & Babes is now “on holiday” until the Autumn.  See you when school starts again!

FOODBANK CHANGES:  please leave items for the Foodbank in the box at the back of church.   (There will no longer be a box in which to collect food at the Rectory) Also, please note that the offices of ENCS and the Foodbank are now moving to Church Road (where Serve used to be).  


For those who are Ill:  Anne Riley, Anne Barfoot, Bob Wheatley, Alma Walters, Ann Beal, Viv Striblehill, Michelle Smith, James Guildford, Glenis Burton, Iris Gilbert,  Alan Palmer, Mel Britchford, John Tye, the Whiteman Family and Ruby Willmer.

For our congregations, our communities, the local mission of ENCS (The Food Bank and Recovery House) 

Pray for our mission partners –  Lea and Petra Williams (CMS), James Hawksworth (Church Army); Tearfund;  The Church Pastoral Aid Society; and Langham Partnership UK & Ireland.


Covid Restrictions

as per Rushden St Mary’s Risk Assessment March 2021

Preparation of the Church Building

  • All soft furnishings have been removed from the pews.
  • All pew bibles have been removed.
  • No books are distributed at the back of church.
  • No papers are to be distributed.

Entering and Exiting Church Building

  • The North Door is open as the entrance to the church building.
  • Tapes mark 2 metre intervals on the floor of the porch and the path outside to enable social distancing. 
  • Signs asking everyone to wear face masks are visible.
  • Signs asking everyone to sanitize their hands upon entrance are visible.
  • Signs asking everyone to maintain social distancing are visible.
  • Bottles of sanitizing gel are available at tables just inside the door.
  • Masks are available if needed. 
  • Lists of those attending each service are made by a Church Warden or another appointed person.
  • Church Wardens and Sides People point out the requirements. 
  • No books are distributed.
  • Every other pew is taped off to provide 2 metre space between rows.
  • Pews are marked with signs where individuals/family groups are to be seated.
  • Signs are ‘green’ when a space is available.  Once people have sat in that seat, they are requested to turn the sign over to ‘red’ for that space to be cleaned before being used again.
  • The back of the church is blocked off by a bench.
  • Any offerings are placed in an offering plate at the back of their church, available either upon entrance or exit of the building.
  • Church Wardens and Sides People point out how the congregation are to go to their seats. 
  • The congregation is encouraged to make their way to their seats by going towards the front of the church down the north aisle, across the front and towards the back by either the central or south aisle.
  • The West Door is opened as the exit to the church building.
  • Church Wardens and Sides People point out the flow of people after the service to the West Door.
  • Doors are kept ajar as much as possible to ensure ventilation in the building.

During the Church Service

  • Clergy and those reading stand behind a Plexiglas guard
  • Those speaking or reading may remove their masks for the time that they are speaking.
  • There is no singing during the service
  • There are no greetings by touching or shaking hands
  • Words of liturgy, etc. are projected on the large overhead screen
  • When prayer books are used, they are placed out before the service by sanitized hands and then left in the pews for collection afterwards. 
  • During communion services, the celebrant will sanitize his hands before distribution; wafers alone will be used, the celebrant placing the wafer into the communicant’s hand.

In between church services

  • If the church is closed 72 hours between services, no cleaning is necessary.
  • In between services where there is not a 72 hour window, all surfaces are sanitized, following the cards which have been turned over to ‘red’ for the purpose of showing where seats have been used.