Our Normal Services

We are happy to be open again for services in our church building!

SUNDAYS:  9.30 a.m. (contemporary worship)
SUNDAYS:  11.15 a.m. (traditional worship)
THURSDAYS:  10.30 a.m. (BCP Holy Communion)

All Visitors can be assured of a warm welcome at any of our services.

Here’s what you need to know.

Whatever your background, situation, where you’re from, what you believe, or how you’re feeling – you are welcome to join us at St Mary’s.

Typically our Sunday services run for about an hour with an all age service at 9-30 am, followed by a more traditional service at 11-15 am.

Someone will welcome you on the way in and help you find a seat. You can sit where you like and our dress code is casual.

The 9-30 service will usually involve some singing with a supporting band, prayer, and a sermon. You’re welcome to join in with the singing, sometimes there will be invitation to pray out loud, and occasionally the sermon will be interactive.  In all these you are as free not to join in as to do so.

The worship at the 11-15 service is led by an organ and choir and you will be given a hymn book if you wish to join in.  There will also be a sermon and prayers.

On one Sunday each month there is Communion.  Whatever your tradition you are welcome to receive Communion if you are a follower of Jesus.

If you have questions we encourage you to talk to someone at the end of the service – the people that welcomed you can help, or we have a prayer team at the front of church, or you can talk to Tom our Rector.

If you have children with you then please bring them into church.  At the 9-30 service you can decide if you would like them to stay with you in the service or join our children’s group in the hall.

1st Sunday in the Month
9-30 am    All Age Holy Communion
11-15 am  Morning Prayer with Organ

2nd Sunday in the Month
9-30 am    Worship & Word
11-15 am  Morning Prayer with Organ

3rd Sunday in the Month
9-30 am      Worship & Word
11-15 am    Holy Communion  Common Worship

4th Sunday in the Month
9-30 am      Worship & Word
11-15 am    Morning Prayer  with Organ

5th Sunday in the Month
10-30 am    Joint Service

Every Monday (during term-time)

10-00 am for Bumps & Babes @ Church a short, age appropriate service in church for pre-school children and their carers, parents, grandparents, followed by play and refreshments in the Church Hall

Every Thursday

10-30 am Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)

Our services are now live streamed and can be found on our YouTube channel

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