About us

St Mary’s is a place where everyone is welcome.  We are a church of people of all ages and backgrounds, with a desire to grow in our own faith and to serve the people who live in our local community of Rushden.

We are a Spirit-led, evangelical Christian church with a variety of services from traditional to modern as well as regular events and groups for children, parents, and older adults.

We have links with local community services, uniformed youth organisations, and retirement homes as well as other groups.  We support mission partners both in the UK and overseas.

The Word of God is the foundation of our belief. We believe that the bible is God’s word and it is our reference point in knowing God’s plan for St Mary’s and Rushden.  We gather at the church to hear teaching about the bible and meet in small groups during the week to help each other understand the message.

We believe in a God who is immanent and knowable. We believe that Jesus is alive and risen. We believe the Holy Spirit is now present, within every believer and that we can experience his power and presence.

We believe that God heals today. We believe that even in the darkest place, Christ’s light can shine and bring life. We expect to see the supernatural in our lives as we pray and invite the Holy Spirit to impact us.

We try to share our fears and difficulties with one another knowing that our community is one of acceptance. None of us is perfect and we all fall short, but there is one who is always faithful, Jesus Christ.

We believe in building each other up in Christ. Prayer is the way that we do that.  We acknowledge that it’s not us that are the solution to one another’s problems – it’s Jesus

We believe that our purpose as the church is to reveal our saviour Jesus to the world. Jesus offers us forgiveness, redemption, and healing. Jesus revealed the perfect love of God in his ministry, and we are called to do the same through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We look forward to seeing you soon.