Church Trail for Children

St. Mary’s Church Rushden is proud to announce it now has its very own NADFAS * Church Trail For Children a child friendly Questionnaire aimed at children aged 8 – 12 years (but really of interest to people of all ages !)

  • The Trail guides the children round the interior of our church, getting them to look at the architecture, history and furnishings by pointing out certain objects and asking the child to answer questions or draw something they see or perhaps suggest a reason why something is there, all the while encouraging them to discover for themselves in an enjoyable way at their own pace.
  • An Answer sheet with lots of additional information is provided for accompanying adults to confirm (or gently correct) the children’s efforts and give extra facts if appropriate to the children’s understanding.
  • The whole experience is FREE ! and can be accessed whenever the church is open (subject of course to there being no service or other activity taking place.) The Question and Answer sheets can be found on entry to the church, on the table to the right. There are also brightly coloured clipboards and pencils for the children to use.
  • It is hoped that many adults and children will make use of it, from school pupils with their teacher to mums and dads (and grandparents !) out with their children.

You may be surprised at what you discover ……..

*NADFAS (National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies) is an arts-based charity founded in 1968, with over 340 local societies, for the advancement of arts education and the appreciation and preservation of our artistic heritage. Friends of St. Mary’s is delighted to be involved with this NADFAS Church Trail for Children, the first in Northamptonshire !

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