The ‘Taste’ Course Documents

Please find links on this page to the most recent versions of the Taste course. In future this is where any updates will be found. Remember that the idea is that this is an intimate 3 week home group / cell group course which is pre Alpha or Christianity Explored and is rooted in the small group.

These are copyrighted materials so please let us know if you are using them and are not a member of St Mary’s Home group network. We would be happy to receive constructive criticism as this pre-evangelism course is a work in progress.


This was primarily created for our Away Day and for the home group / cell group leaders. The first page could be read out at the first session. It is a helpful place to start to see the aims, purpose and structure of the course.

Taste – Introduction 1-1

The Sessions

Each document contains the main session and a page of extra material if more discussion material is required.

Let’s Bake, Taste Course – Bread 1-1

Let’s Drink, Taste Course – Wine or Juices 1-1

Let’s Eat Taste – Banquet 1-1

Not all the answers

This document is a starting point for addressing some of the most obvious questions that come up in discussion – they aren’t a final word on the any of the subjects. We have endeavoured to be as faithful to scripture are we can but we are aware that some of the answers are open to other interpretations.

Taste – Not all the answers